Alfred Enzensberger was convinced from the start that opening a new type of fitness studio promoting health for a diverse target group would only work if it were available to everyone - even those outside the bigger cities - and the terms were attractive. Filling this gap in the market in a way that allows for growth could only succeed with a system based on partnership: a clever franchise system.

In 2004, the first clever fit studio opened its doors in Munich and by 2007 Alfred Enzensberger had founded clever fit GmbH and laid the cornerstone for his vision. Today, he can look back with pride on how he built one of the most efficient franchise systems and leading fitness chains in Europe. Expertise gained from opening almost 500 studios in Europe has established best practice processes in the European market through the close cooperation between franchisors and franchisees. Today, digitalisation paves the way for growth in global markets and Alfred Enzensberger‘s goal of building an international brand.

For 2021, Alfred Enzensberger is announcing another innovative studio concept. With full digitalisation clever fit is setting the sails for the future with a fl agship store in Munich.


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